Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons with Rebekah offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for students of all levels.
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In her guitar lessons, you can expect:

1. Fundamental Techniques: Rebekah will start with the basics, teaching you proper hand positioning, fretting techniques, and picking methods to build a strong foundation.

2. Chord Progressions: You'll learn to play a wide variety of chords and chord progressions, enabling you to play your favorite songs and create your own compositions.

3. Strumming and Picking Patterns: Rebekah will guide you through various strumming and picking patterns, allowing you to add depth and dynamics to your playing.

4. Music Theory: Gain insights into music theory as it applies to the guitar, helping you understand scales, keys, and how to create melodies and harmonies.

5. Song Repertoire: Choose songs that align with your musical preferences, and Rebekah will help you dissect and master them, fostering your musical repertoire.

person playing guitar
person playing guitar
silhouette of man and woman playing guitars
silhouette of man and woman playing guitars
woman playing gitar
woman playing gitar

6. Improvisation: Develop the ability to improvise and jam with others, fostering creativity and musical expression.

7. Technique Refinement: For more advanced players, Rebekah provides guidance on advanced techniques like fingerstyle, bending, and tapping.

8. Ear Training: Enhance your ear by learning to recognize melodies, chords, and progressions by ear, which will greatly assist in playing by ear and improvising.

9. Recording Skills: Explore the basics of recording and sound production to enable you to create your music or collaborate with others.

10. Individualized Coaching: Receive personalized feedback and exercises tailored to your skill level and goals, ensuring steady progress.

Whether you're picking up the guitar for the first time or seeking to refine your skills, Rebekah Russell's guitar lessons offer an inspiring and supportive environment to help you become a confident and proficient guitarist. Start your musical journey with her and unlock the full potential of this versatile instrument.

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