Piano Lessons

Piano lessons with Rebekah provides a comprehensive and enriching musical education, tailored to suit students of all ages and skill levels.
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In her piano lessons, you can expect:

1. Foundational Skills: Rebekah will start with the basics, teaching you proper hand positioning, finger technique, and posture to build a solid foundation.

2. Note Reading: Learn to read music notation, enabling you to play a wide range of pieces from classical to contemporary.

3. Chord Progressions: Explore the world of harmony as you learn to play chords and progressions, allowing you to accompany songs and create your arrangements.

4. Scales and Arpeggios: Develop dexterity and finger strength through scales and arpeggios, improving your overall piano technique.

person playing piano
person playing piano

5. Music Theory: Gain insights into music theory as it relates to the piano, including key signatures, time signatures, and more, enhancing your understanding of music.

6. Repertoire Building: Choose pieces that resonate with your musical tastes, and Rebekah will guide you in mastering them, fostering a diverse repertoire.

7. Improvisation and Composition: Unlock your creativity by learning to improvise and compose your music, adding a personal touch to your musical journey.

8. Ear Training: Enhance your listening skills to recognize melodies, harmonies, and chords by ear, enabling you to play by ear and improvise more effectively.

9. Performance Preparation: Develop the confidence and stage presence needed to perform in front of an audience, whether in recitals or other settings.

10. Recording Techniques: Explore the basics of recording and audio production, allowing you to capture your performances or create your music.

Rebekah Russell's piano lessons provide a nurturing and motivating environment to help you become a skilled and expressive pianist. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, her personalized instruction will guide you on a musical journey that unlocks your full potential at the piano. Embark on this exciting adventure and discover the joy of making music with Rebekah as your mentor.

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grayscale photo of people walking on tunnel
grayscale photo of people walking on tunnel
woman playing piano near white wall inside room
woman playing piano near white wall inside room